What is acceledent®?

The AcceleDent® System is a groundbreaking technology in orthodontic care.  When properly used it can help accelerate tooth movement during the initial alignment stage of your treatment.  The system can also be used to help with the closure spaces due to tooth extraction.

Overall, the system has the capability of shortening conventional orthodontic treatment by 5 months on average.  While the technology to stimulate bone remodeling and healing has been around for a long time, it has only recently been applied to Orthodontics.

How do we use AcceleDent® to speed up treatment?

The AcceleDent® device sends gentle pulsatile forces through the roots of your teeth and the  surrounding area.  These micropulses are precision calibrated to accelerate both tooth movement and overall treatment time.  With only 20 minutes of use per day, patients experience significantly shorter treatment times and also reduced discomfort.

Are you a candidate?

It's important to understand, not everyone is a candidate for this option. 
If you are interested in learning more please  contact Dr. Kellerstein today to discuss your case and options.


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