Indirect bonding:

Getting it right
the first time

When braces are placed directly onto the teeth, it can be difficult for even the most experienced orthodontist to position them perfectly.  Even tiny imperfections in the position of the brackets can add months to treatment time, as the orthodontist makes adjustments to compensate for the original errors in positioning.

Indirect bonding is a way to get the braces onto the teeth in the perfect position, right from the get-go.  This dramatically reduces treatment time by eliminating the need for many of the adjustment appointments that were previously necessary.

Indirect bonding uses a combination of state-of-the-art technology and the technical expertise of an orthodontic specialist.  With it, we can often reduce treatment time by up to 6 months, and even more when combined with Speed brackets and Acceledent.

Please watch the video above for a full explanation of how indirect bonding works.

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