Kellerstein Ortho has 3D Scanning

What is Itero 3D Scanning?

The latest iTero Element intraoral scanner is coming to our practice and Dr. Kellerstein has invested in this exciting technology so patients can enjoy all the benefits of comfortable 3D imaging.

This technology allows us to provide  treatment plan predictions by taking you through a 3D walk-through of how your mouth is at the present moment and how it will be once treatment is complete.

Used in combination with an Invisalign treatment plan, patients are able to actually visualize what the results will be giving them even greater confidence in their treatment plan and their provider.  But 3D imaging isn't just used for Invisalign and this incredible diagnostic and imaging device allow us to get an incredibly accurate model of your mouth and teeth without any of the drawbacks of traditional impressions.



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no Gagging anymore when taking impressions

What are the advantages?

Traditionally, when taking impressions of a patients teeth, offices will work with a material called alginate.  The material allows the Orthodontist to take a mold of your teeth which is then used to plan your Invisalign and various other orthodontic treatment plans.  This materials is often referred to as Goopy and some patients complain that it makes them gag.

3D Scanning foregos that unpleasantness by allowing us to simply place a pen like sensor in your mouth which then scans the entire area and in real time maps a digital model of your entire mouth.

The accuracy is amazing which pleases the orthodontist, but patients like it even more because no goopy mess and no gagging!


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