Before Your First Appointment

Please take a moment to download and fill in these medical information sheets.  Don't worry, if you don't have access to Adobe PDF reader, you can always arrive a few minutes early and fill them in at your appointment.

Patient Medical
History Form (pdf)

Information Sheet (pdf)

Preparing For Your First Visit

First of all , thank you for choosing Kellerstein Orthodontics!  Here's what to expect.  Your initial consultation gives us the opportunity to get to know each other, and to discuss your concerns and what you hope to accomplish with your smile. This visit is free of charge, and typically takes about 45 minutes.

Dr. Kellerstein will first review your medical history and discuss your concerns. A thorough examination of your teeth and jaws will enable the doctor to give you his professional recommendations regarding your orthodontic care. He will let you know what type of treatment is needed, how long treatment will be, what would it cost, etc. Together we will create a treatment plan that will meet your needs and address your concerns.

There is never any pressure to start treatment. You are free to take our information home and decide whenever you are ready. Questions are always encouraged.

Beginning Treatment

Once you decide to start, your next visit will involve taking records (impressions of your teeth, measurements, and x-rays). Dr. Kellerstein will use these records to customize your treatment specifically to you. If time permits, we may be able to take records on your first visit if you wish to do so.

We can be ready to begin your treatment a few days after your records appointment. We recommend that you see your dentist for a check-up and cleaning if you have not done so within 6 months before beginning your orthodontic treatment.

Call to schedule your complimentary exam today. We REWARD for referrals, so tell your friends and family about us!

Regular Appointments

Our office is open Monday to Friday, and we have evening and early morning appointments available for your convenience. Although your long appointments (such as the one to put your braces on) may have to be scheduled during work/school hours, your adjustment appointments (which make up the bulk of your treatment) can be scheduled either after or before work/school, at your convenience.

For a list of our current office hours, please visit our contact information page here.

Emergency Appointments

Please call our office if you have any problems or concerns.

Problems include anything that pokes, scratches, cuts, or causes pain that you cannot take care of yourself.

Broken brackets and appliances also need to be repaired as soon as possible. Please don't wait until your regular visit to let us know. There may not be enough time in the schedule to repair it in your normal visit.


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