Dr. Kellerstein offers a unique self-ligating bracket on the market today from SPEED™ System Orthodontics.  This system is one of the smallest, most advanced orthodontic brackets available and provides patients with several key advantages.  Generally, patients who wish to have a faster treatment time will choose to work with this system.


  • The unique design promotes significant overall size reduction of the system, in fact allowing the brackets to be up to 1/3rd smaller than traditional metal brackets.
  • The smooth rounded design of the system promote minimal irritation of the soft tissues in your mouth, helping with  overall comfort.  This also helps patients maintain their oral hygiene.
  •  SPEED™ brackets appear jewel-like in appearance providing patients with an added estehetic benefit.
  • Because of the efficiency of self-ligating systems like SPEED™ brackets, overall treatment tend to be shorter.
  • Patients love the SPEED™ option because they often require fewer adjustment meaning fewer visits to the Orthodontist.





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